January 14, 2021

benecurv Partners with Benefits App

BenefitsApp delivers a fast, efficient, customizable and secure mobile platform for employees to access their benefits -- wherever they are, whenever they need them. BenefitsApp was built on the worlds #1 CRM Platform - Salesforce. BenefitsApp is HIPPA Compliant.


  • Communicate benefits to your employees in the palm of their hand
  • BenefitsApp bridges the communication gap between open enrollment and the rest of the year
  • Easy access to benefits maximizes the investment 
  • Integrating key HR content in employee’s daily life

HR Professionals

  • BenefitsApp is a fully customizable and personalized mobile experience that drives employee engagement 
  • Our mobile solution reduces HR benefit questions and employee frustration while improving employee retention.
  • This will free up your time so you can focus on developing talent, leading change and solving real business problems.